Two Things To Know Before You Buy CBD

You’ve read all the press and media about the wonders of CBD; how it reduces inflammation, improves mood, and enhances the immune system. Now you are ready to buy CBD for yourself or your business.

Before you buy CBD, there are 2 crucial things you must know:

  1. The best kind of CBD to buy
  2. Where to buy
1. What form of CBD should I buy?

Did you know there are multiple forms of CBD on the market?

The two most popular are CBD oil and CBD isolate powder. For years oil was the only form available because it was easy to produce. However there are several drawbacks to the oil form of CBD:

  • Purity. Even the best CBD oil still contains plant matter and waxes.
  • Accuracy. It is difficult to measure. Determining how much CBD is each milliliter of oil can be difficult.
  • Strong Aroma & Taste. Creating edibles or cosmetics with oil always comes with the challenge of masking the smell and taste.
  • Solubility. Mixing oil in various mediums like bath crystals, deodorants, and cleansers don’t work well.

Eventually chemists created safe and effective ways to distill CBD oil into a fine crystalline powder. This powder is referred to as CBD


Benefits of CBD isolate powder include:

  • Purity

  • Odorless

  • Tasteless

  • Measurable

  • Highly soluble

All of these benefits allow a more consistent and pure product, whether you decide to use it in capsules, consumables, or cosmetics.

2. Where Should I Buy CBD?

So, you are convinced that CBD isolate is the best CBD product and you are now left with wondering where to start when considering hemp wholesalers and brokers.


Well, luckily we’ve done most of the work for you. After years worth of research and experimentation with almost every broker in the market, we confidently recommend They have built their business around integrity, reliability and quality which is why they are our preferred broker. They also only sell CBD isolate. To guarantee quality and purity they employ third party testing insuring 99% pure CBD with no trace of THC and each order comes with a certificate of analysis.