Wholesale Hemp Products

Hemp products are on the rise. Due to the changing industrial hemp laws, as well as the disintegrating stigma surrounding it, demand for wholesale hemp products is growing at a rapid pace. Hemp is versatile from textiles to food products and nutraceuticals, providing a wide range of product opportunities for businesses.


Although hemp was used historically for textiles, the chemical components of hemp provide a long list of health benefits. The standout among chemical extracts of hemp is cannabidiol or CBD. Studies and testimonials demonstrate the variety of health conditions that improve when CBD is added to a person’s daily regimen. Because of the benefits people see with CBD, demand continues to grow.


Maybe you’ve decided to enter the CBD market, and are beginning to look for a wholesaler to provide bulk CBD to formulate your own product.

Before you consider purchasing wholesale hemp products, it is important to consider a few very important points.

1. Investigate the Source


For years hemp could only be sourced outside of the US. US hemp is a relatively new industry. The EU and China continue to import hemp products to the United States, however those origin points do not have the same quality control as US-based products.


Working with US farmers and labs are important to ensure a quality and purity of product. Plus, consumers are looking for US made products now more than ever.


If the wholesaler does not advertise the country of origin of their CBD product, proceed with caution and investigate thoroughly before purchasing.

2. Understand the Different Forms of CBD


CBD comes in various forms. Online shelves are full of hemp extract, CBD oil, full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate powder. The major differences between those products are CBD concentration and purity.


If you are looking to buy CBD with full purity with the highest concentration and bioavailability, our recommendation is CBD isolate powder. Due to a two-step extraction, CBD can be fully extracted from the hemp plant. A liquefied CO2 wash plus a winterization process allows CBD to be distilled into CBD isolate. It is 99.9% CBD with zero trace of THC or other cannabinoids. It is also odorless and tasteless, making it an easy addition in any product formulation

3. Pick a Specialty Wholesaler


A quick search for wholesale hemp product will generate a wide variety of sources. Many of the businesses may include CBD as one of their wholesale products, but it is not their specialty.


For years, many companies have specialized in hemp-based textiles. They sell rope, clothes, jewelry, etc. Others specialize in consumable hemp products such as protein powders, hemp-based breads, hemp seeds and oils.


Now that CBD has become popular, wholesale companies are adding it to their product line-ups. However, because CBD is not their niche, they probably do not understand what they are selling nor have the ability to meet demand. Their own supplier may not be reliable, and purity and quality could be major issues.

It is important to choose a CBD wholesale provider that is trustworthy, credible and reliable. The one we recommend is CBDbroker.com. They specialize in CBD isolate and have built their business on honesty, integrity and reliability. They also source only from the US and each order comes with a certificate of analysis from third-party testing, which is extremely important when considering buyingwholesale.